Willy Nilly Paperback title pageWilly Nilly World is the home of Willy Nilly comics, books, and fun merchandise.  The Willy Nilly franchise was created by David L. Brehm.

Remember when Mom said to make good choices? Well, now you can.  From the very first page of their new book, Willy and Nilly will keep you rolling on the floor.  Precocious, adventurous, and loaded with charm, Willy Nilly, twin armadillos from the Texas hill country, ramble from one exploit to another in their books of action packed frivolity.

While on their ranch in the Smithson Valley in the Texas Hill Country, Leonard W. Brehm and his son David spent fun-filled hours spotting wildlife as it scampered across the rugged terrain.  Without fail, the armadillos proved to be a constant source of entertainment.  Armadillos love to run, swim, and burrow in the dirt.  It could be said armadillos like to take chances but rarely consider the consequences.  Sound familiar?  I bet you might know a few people who fit that description?

So say hello to Willy and Nilly.

Although they are not identical.  Willy and Nilly are twins.  They were named for the ongoing way in which most armadillos seem to run about “all willy nilly.”  Born out of the South Texas dust and heat, Willy and Nilly have become like old friends to David.  Check em out, you never know, you might want to make them your friends, too.