The Willy Nilly World team is David L. BrehmPaul ClaerhoutTaama Forasiepi,and Stephanie Young.  The team came together for the purpose of developing various creative properties (featuring the Willy Nilly franchise characters) for at-risk kids in need.

The Willy Nilly franchise was originally created by David L. Brehm.   The two main characters (Willy and Nilly) were built to entertain but also contribute to the mutual benefit of people helping one another.  Today, the Willy Nilly World foundation and the Willy Nilly World website are rapidly expanding in order to put this hopeful idea into practice.

73_FirstArmadilloInSpace-01Why armadillos?  As a young boy, David spent many fun-filled hours spotting wildlife as it scampered across the rugged Texas Hill country terrain.  Armadillo spotting in particular meant quality time with Dad and without fail, the armadillos proved to be a constant source of entertainment.  These wonderful childhood memories have stuck with David throughout his life.


Pictured are a young David Brehm and his Dad (Leonard Brehm) at their hill country ranch

In 2003, David was greatly impacted by the devastating loss of his Father.  In 2013, David became a new Father himself, and his awareness of the importance of quality time spent with his son has become a very profound experience.  Like his Father before him, David believes each and every child should have guidance and support from someone who loves them.


Why coloring books?  Coloring books provide a means for creative development, quality time with a caring adult, and are a wonderful icebreaker for new caregivers and their children.  The Willy Nilly World team in conjunction with Blue Logic Publishing are fast at work supporting the many wonderful organizations across the country who serve at-risk children.